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Board of Directors


Reenie Stafford, Director

"I am blessed to get to live my passion daily.  Rescue is harder than any job (where I actually was paid and worked fewer hours) I have ever had.  But, I have heard it said, it is like the mafia:  you can never leave.  I absolutely love trying to make a difference in the lives of dogs and people.  I had no idea how all consuming and emotionally draining this is.  There is a lot of heart ache but also a lot of love and joy as a result of our efforts.  My hope is someday, laws will change and the overpopulation of dogs and cats will cease.  Spaying and neutering is what is needed and laws to enforce this practice."

Bobbie Kwasnik, Secretary

"I have been with ETAA since we started. My love /passion for animals and seeking a way to help those that are homeless brought me to this group. Over the years, ETAA has made a significant contribution in saving animals in and around Chattanooga. ETAA is a foster and donation based rescue and the animals in our care are always fully vetted and rehomed up north. ETAA is an outstanding rescue with a sterling reputation that always puts the animals first. I am proud of the differences that ETAA has made in our area!"

Erin Burke, Board Member

"I’ve been a foster for ETAA for just over 6 years and have fostered 229 dogs. I’ve had several special needs cases ranging from dogs and puppies with EDS, PRAA, cerebellar hypoplasia, amputations, and malnutrition. My favorite thing about ETAA is that they never say no to a tough case. They will do everything in their power to help, whether it’s taking my EDS puppy to the university of Tennessee for diagnosis, getting an MRI for a puppy with cerebellar hypoplasia, and paying for two puppies with PRAA to have a life changing surgery. ETAA does many things that other rescues cannot, and the dogs in their care are lucky to have them."

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