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East Tennessee Alliance for Animals works to save Tennessee's animals in a number of ways. 


Adoption and Transport:


ETAA reaches far and wide in homing our animals. We work closely with many reputable rescue groups to facilitate a safe and successful re-homing of a dog. All ETAA dogs are fully vetted and spayed or neutered before leaving our charge. Our dogs are placed on multiple “safe” websites; i.e. Adopt-a-pet or Petfinder. Potential adopters are interviewed via a phone screen. An adoption application is completed, a vet reference check is done and finally a home visit takes place. The home visit will be done by a board member or a volunteer to assure the environment is one that is conducive to a happy and healthy dog. ETAA requires all of our dogs to be “inside dogs with outside priveleges”. We believe a dog should be included as part of the family. 


Local Assistance:


We understand that people fall on hard times, and often, animals become an expense that one can no longer afford. Unfortunately, in these situations family pets are often surrendered when it is time to make budget cuts.  If a pet owner is faced with surrendering a pet due to death, divorce, loss of income or any life changing circumstance that forces pet surrender, we either assist the owner in re-homing the pet or help with resources on a short term basis so the pet may stay with the family.



Members and volunteers use every opportunity possible to execute our mission and drive home just how important spay and neuter are to help decrease the euthanasia rates in our local shelters. Whether we are in a conversation with someone reaching out for help with a pet or a potential adopter, we see this interaction as a chance to educate and hopefully help to eliminate pet overpopulation. It is very important to ETAA that we help spread the word on the importance of spay and neuter surgeries for pets. We also educate on humane treatment of pets and proper care, especially when it comes to regular heartworm preventative!

We love to get out and interact with the public to educate! If you have an education opportunity for us please email us at



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