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Happy Tails


We love receiving pupdates from ETAA alumni. If you found your best friend at ETAA, let us know how they’re doing by sending us an email at You can also message or tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

Jace (Formerly known as Roscoe)

He's doing great. We officially named him Jace. We just entered into week #2 of training classes and he is responding great to it. Trainer loves how much he is willing to learn and quickly learning. Been at least twice a week we been going for couple hour walks in local state forests and daily local walks. And he loves to play every day out in the backyard and loves going for rides with us everywhere. .We were excited to sign him up for bark box too. Cant wait for first box to come in.


Merlin is Amazing!


He is probably about 6 months old (give or take a week) now and we think he is done getting bigger. He weighs 25 lbs and is a very happy and healthy boy! We had a trainer come to our house to help us get him settled and it went really well! Merlin can sit, lay down, go into his crate, fetch, wait, crawl, roll over, back up, walk in a circle, answer to his name and do hand targeting. He is working on his leash manners, which is harder because he loves birds and small critters and people and all dogs!  Once a week, he goes with his trainer for the day and is learning how to get along with other dogs while off leash in the woods. So far, he really loves that.


The whole family loves him. I've attached a photo that the trainer took. I hope you enjoy!


Margie (& Merlin)


I meant to send you another batch of photos around the time Luna turned 1 yr old – we’re a bit past that but hope you enjoy the attached.
Luna and I are up with the sun ever morning doing our favorite 4 mile loop in Acadia park and the turtles are currently making their treks out of the ponds to lay eggs so we saw several. 
Luna and Shadow are still best of friends. The photo is Luna in the garlic patch with a beef bone earlier this spring – the position of her ears is reflective of the fact that my husband typically doesn’t let her lounge there. I on the other hand thought she was too cute to scoot out and just took photos.
She and I hiked up Cadillac mountain a month or so ago – she is a fantastic hiking buddy. 
All is well. She is healthy, smart and absolutely adorable and always the highlight of my day.
Hope things are going well for you and your puppy saving efforts with GDRNE. I’ve said it before but again today how admirable and noble your efforts are. Thanks again for our Luna.

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Greta came to ETAA as a very young pup who regurgitated constantly.  The owner of the litter surrendered her to us thinking she had Parvo.  Upon a visit to the specialty vet, Greta was diagnosed with Persistent Right Aortic Arch.  Her esophagus had a stricture around it preventing her from swallowing.  After a major surgery to correct the anomaly, Greta was ready to go to her forever home.  She is now living her best life in New England.  

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